Make your kid a star by giving them a chance to be a reptile wrangler for the day! That's right, they will be the star of the show. They will be taught how to handle the animals and will be in charge of the show. What little boy doesn't dream of being the star of a reptile show!?

Your child will handle the animals and show his or her friends the animals and give them the chance to hold them too.

Due to the crazy weather in the south we recommend that you plan your party indoors. Parties outdoors can be arranged but do to the weather and temperatures it  is often more feasible to do the shows indoors.

We ask that you start your party 30 minutes prior to our show. Its important that we start on time and we don’t want anyone to miss out. Cleanliness is a priority so all of our animals are cleaned prior to the show, but we ask that you plan eating before or after the show.

The Price of our show varies from $250-$550 depending on travel and the length of the show. We are based out of Brooklyn NY and a standard show lasts about 1 hour.

Please don't forget to bring cameras, trust me it happens. We do our best to make every accommodation  necessary to ensure you catch every memory. Personal pictures with the animals are provided free of charge and we would be glad to make sure there is a professional photographer during the show  for an additional charge.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to being invited to your party and making it the best your child has ever had!

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